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•Monday, December 06, 2010


DiSC 模式测试结果,得出一份详尽的个人 24 页性格分析报告。


DiSC 结果如下 :

我是属于 D (Dominant)性格,被一般人归类为“臭屁”的人。

(T 为本人)
T can be agressive and direct, but still considerate of people. Other people realize that directness is one of his great strengths. Most people see him as a high risk-taker. His view, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". He is deadline conscious and becomes irritated if deadlines are delayed or missed. He may lose interest in a project once the challenge ceases. He may then be ready for another challenging project. T may be so self-confident that others see him as arrogant. This confidence factor is optimistic about the results he can achieve. The word "can't" is not in his vocabulary. He is often frustrated when working with others who do not share the same sense of urgency. He seeks his own solutions to problems. In this way, his independent nature comes into play. T is often considered daring, bold and gutsy. He is a risk taker who likes to be seen as an individualist. He wants to be viewed as self-reliant and willing to pay the price of success.

T should realize that at times he needs to think a project through, beginning to end, before starting the project. He prefers authority equal to his responsibility. Many people see his decisions as high-risk decisions. However, after the decision is made, he tends to work hard for a successful outcome. He likes to make decisions quickly, Sometimes he becomes emotionally involved in the decision-making process. He is a good problem solver and troubleshooter, always seeking new ways to solve old problems. He has the unique ability of tackling tough problems and following them through to a satisfactory conclusion. He is decisive and prefers to work for a decisive manager. He can experience stress if his manager does not possess similar traits.

T tends to be intolerent of people who seem ambiguous or think too slowly. His creative and active mind may hinder his ability to communicate to others effectively. He may present the information in a form that cannot be easily understood by some people. He challenges people who volunteer their opinions. He tends to influence people by being direct, friendly and results-oriented. T should exhibit more patience and ask questions to make sure that others have understood what he said. He likes people who give him options as compared to their opinions. The options may help him make decisions, and he values his own opinion over that of others! He may lack the patience to listen and communicate with slower acting people. He may lose interest in what others are saying if they ramble or don't speak to the point. His active mind is already moving ahead.


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