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PS:我当年也迷过偶像。就像现在的 S.H.E. 一样,飞鹰三姝当年曾风靡东南亚。许多歌曲,诉说清纯友情和青涩爱情故事,无怪受学生群欢迎。最近本地唱片公司发了张精选,想重温青春乐章,不妨找来听听。
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On 30/4/08 11:54 AM , 花罗汉 said...


On 30/4/08 11:26 PM , Ryan Chan said...

Where did you buy the cd from? I did not see it at music junction and that's cd. is it just released only?

On 30/4/08 11:32 PM , de-er said...

this compilation was released for about a week or so, i see it selling in CD ramas and music junction :) good luck...

On 30/4/08 11:39 PM , Ryan Chan said...

saw you cd cover scan. it is the series by eq music. I bought eric moo's one earlier on. somehow songs that we listened during our growing years is still the best. It is amazing i can remember all the lyrics of the songs in his cd. I was waiting for fang wen lin's compilation to come up, but will definitely buy this one first. Will look for it at music junction soon.

On 30/4/08 11:51 PM , 小嬡 チサイアイ said...



On 3/5/08 5:35 PM , Wois said...


On 4/5/08 11:56 PM , de-er said...

蔡琴虽好,不过偶尔听听这些“口香糖”歌曲(bubble gum songs)也不错哦。