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PS:周六看了 Steve McCurry 的摄影展,其中一张,就是这张卧佛照。
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On 22/6/09 3:26 PM , HH said... 2 cents worth..

1) 万物皆空 can be interpreted as "Everything is Energy". When we think of everything as energy, nearly everything that we see/experience is explainable, including our relationships with money & people, why there are ups and downs (energy moves in waves), why some ppl repel or attract us (similar or dissimilar vibrations), etc.

2) 空 can also mean space, literally. In quantum physics, 99.9999% of everything is made up of space, which means there is infinite potential/possibilities for all things to go. What makes something go one way or the other depends on our "intention". Together with the universal force, popularly known as God, we are literally "co-creating our future" through our moment by moment decisions. So an obstacle really contains opportunities, because 99.9999% of it is space waiting to filled.

3) 空 finally also means emptiness, being free of our ego, otherwise known as monkey mind. This involves forgiveness, letting go, detachment.

Buddha is the perfect model of compassion and understands human suffering, that's why he seeks to be enlightened not for himself but to find an end to suffering. But he is not attached to people's suffering because he understands a universal principle: that in the universe, everything is in order, all is well, and people are evolving at the pace they are supposed to evolve. Teachers are there to raise our awareness thru their high vibrational energies (by physical proximity to such teachers, our vibration is naturally raised, which is why when people went near Jesus, miracles happened, his vibration was so high all he had to do was think what he wanted and the molecules (remember, it's energy) could re-arrange themselves to become something else, ie. stones to bread), guide us towards the light, spread the light, but can't force anyone towards the light if they're not ready vibrationally.

At the end of the day, we are all closing the gap towards our higher self. The larger the gap, the more "empty" we feel. The closer the gap, the higher our vibration, the faster our intentions come true, we have more inner power, more love and compassion, more tolerance and peace, more kindness, always living in integrity, can't bring oneself to do harm to anyone else anymore in any way, etc. :D

It seems almost impossible, but I believe there are indeed enlightened souls on this planet. The world's consciousness level is dramatically rising. That's why you'll hear and see more and more pple talking about spirituality, I guess, like you & me. :D

On 23/6/09 5:25 PM , de-er said...


Looks like u really have a lot of ideas about "emptiness". Guess the fun of it is that there can be so many intepretations on this.